November 2019


The studio floor has been painted ready for Winter Open Studios! This year I’m opening my studio to celebrate the beginning of Advent and fellow still life artist Nick Elliot is opening his studio in Fakenham. All welcome to come and enjoy some mulled wine and mince pies.

Mixed media on board. 46 x 46cm. Framed

Above 'Home is Holkham' 46x46cm Framed. £550

Delighted to be showing the above painting and several more with Norfolk by Design at Art Fair East at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Norwich. Opening Friday 29th November – Sunday 1st December. 10.30am – 5.00pm. £3.50 entry fee (under 14s go free). Lots of interesting artists take part, making for an eclectic mix.

The winner of the ‘giveaway’ painting went to Rosanna Scott. Thank you to everyone who took part. I really appreciate it and hope to hold another subscriber winner event in the future. To be in with a chance of winning something original and created by me please join my mailing list for news of up and coming events and workshops. Click on the link below-

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October 2019

October and I’m in the mood for a studio tidy up and refresh. It’s been five years of happiness since my studio was built at the top of the garden. And to celebrate I’m having a special ‘give away’ of an original piece of artwork.

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The draw will take place on Monday 4th November.

Giveaway - to win sign up to my mailing to be the lucky winner
Free gift ‘Bright Blue Reflection’ 30x30cm mixed media on board.

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As part of this celebration I invited photographer Charlotte Bromley Davenport to take some photographs of me in the studio. It was a wonderful fun experience and I’m delighted with the results Charlotte managed to create.

Just one of the shots taken in my studio by Charlotte

In the studio I’ve been focused on working in a series of four paintings at a time so when displayed they will compliment each other. This seems to be a lot harder than it sounds as I’m a bit impulsive when creating and spring from one colour to the next. Although my colour palette is mainly blue I do love to experiment with sunset colours. Working as a painter there is never enough time to discover all the beautiful colours one can find just by using a limited palette.  I recently went on a colour day workshop with artist and tutor Martin Laurance at Anteros in Norwich, it was a great day and I learnt so much from his knowledge of colour.

Colour mixing workshop

Having taken the Creative Visionary Project (CVP) course with Nicholas Wilton I feel my art is continuing to develop and is moving towards abstraction. I don’t really consider myself as an abstract painter but I  do find it engaging and meditative to do.

Working in a series – adding post stick notes as reminders of what to try next
A new series – creating some abstracts

Out and about this month – in between the rain showers!

Lifting clouds as the sun set at Brancaster


Floats and nets found on Cley beach – great ideas for new work

Thank you to Reverent Rachel Alexander for inviting me to speak about Art & Faith at  St. Mary’s Church in Snettisham. Public speaking really does require a leap of faith!

Inside St Mary’s with Reverent Rachel and two of my paintings
Delighted to be a member of Norwich 20 Group. Here I am at their Autumn show in Norwich. At the Undercroft Gallery 4th – 19th October.

September 19

September inspiration comes from sailing around the Greek islands. My husband Robert and I had were invited to join some friends on their yacht. It was a wonderful adventure sailing the blue Ionian sea, however, I’m not too sure where this trip will take me regarding my artwork but that’s the point of exploring new places – you never know!

Below: Delighted this latest painting called ‘Sea Bright’ has found a new home. Thanks to ‘Sea Pictures’ Gallery, in Suffolk.

Below: Such a great day for the last of this year’s mixed media workshops at Burnham Overy Staithe.  Ten students enjoyed the challenge of sketching outside in the elements, before working up one of their sketches into a painting using acrylics and mixed media. I’ve just booked some dates for my 2020 workshops so if you’re interested in learning how to use mixed media in your artwork then you may like to join one of my classes. Just click on the link below to find out more.

Creative Art Workshops on the North Norfolk coast

Mixed media art workshops in Norfolk
Enjoy creating your own individual artwork
Art workshops in North Norfolk
Student sketching the Norfolk coast

Meanwhile back in the studio I’ve had a fabulous photo shoot with the highly talented photograper and artist Charlotte  I’m having a bit of clear up before creating a new series of artworks for various exhibitions and galleries representing my work.

Tracey Ross sketching Scolt Head North Norfolk
Enjoying the last few days of warm weather, sketching on Scolt Head, North Norfolk
A new series medium sized painting getting underway for various shows

More inspirations to follow – to receive special offers and invites to special events feel free to sign up to my website.

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July August 19

It’s all about play! I’ve just finished an online course called CVP (Creative Visionary Project) with Artist Nick Wilton which has taken over most of my life for the last three months. Now I’m in the process of letting what I’ve learnt sink into developing my art practice. Every artist,at some point, has that urge to progress, take more risks and to push themselves out of the boat and into the deeper waters. For me, I normally do this through setting my self some ‘play time’ that is getting into the studio and work in my sketchbook or directly onto 30x30cm boards, once set up I make different marks using various brushes, scrapers and palette knives. I’m also trying out different colours to the ones that I’d normally use. As you can see below I have used a limited palette of just three colours Amsterdam ‘Kings Blue’ Winsor & Newton ‘Lemon Yellow’, Daler Rowney Systems 3 ‘Process Magenta’ plus Paynes Grey and Titanium White. The brush used to apply the colour samples is by Jackson’s art supplies. S.5551 No.6 PROCRYL. The sketchbook is by Seawhite of Brighton 19.5×19.5cm.


Above: experimental work in progress, adding torn bits of paper for creating a sense of composition and ideas

Below: my evolving style from taking the CVP art workshop, here I’m using a brighter colour palette!


Above: Top Tip – try cropping areas of your paintings using a cardboard framing mount. Quickly maneuver it over areas of interest to find intriguing shapes, colour and design. Remember to take a quick photo for future reference

Above: ‘Fisher of Men’ painted ‘live’ during worship at the New Dawn Christian Conference 2019. This is something new and I’m inviting lots of other artists who’d like to join me in 2020 to contact me and get involved


Student’s work: from a recent  workshop I gave to a local art group

Above: Student’s enjoying a fun morning painting at a recent art workshop I gave for a 60th birthday party 

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to deliver an art workshop for you or your art group.

More inspiration to follow…..


June 2019

SOLD Mixed media on board. 75x75cm. Framed

Above ‘Sea Bright’ 75x75cm mixed media on board

£700 Mixed media on board. 70x40cm. Framed

‘Stormy Day’ was selected by the Sea Pictures Gallery who came to take away 5 paintings for their Summer by the Sea show opening 5th July, in Clare, Suffolk.


Almost a the end of June and my monthly inspirations have been a bit slow this month! Lots of gardening, walks and running workshops have been a joy.

More to follow ..

May 2019


Pick up your copy of the yellow brochure from most libraries in Norfolk

Looking forward to opening my studio doors for Norfolk Open Studios starting over the Bank Holiday weekend. I shall be opening my work space for three weekends:   25/26/27 May 1/2/8/9  June. Opening 10am till 5pm. All welcome –

A big thank you to everyone who came to the first of my art workshops – it was a very busy day and the rain held off so we could enjoy walking and sketching around Burnham Overy Statithe harbour.

Enjoyed giving this demonstration – showing how I work with mixed media


April 2019

Tracey Ross artist- seascape painter, workshops

Welcoming Spring light in the studio and brighter days…

I’m holding an extra workshop on Saturday 29th June  – sign up here!

Trial and error

In the studio this month I’m trying out cold wax medium as it’s textural and interesting to use.  I’m hoping to go on a course at some point to learn more about the process but for now I thought I’d try it and see what effects I could create and learn from making lots of mistakes. Before starting this process I first read a good blog by Nicki Heenan and recently found some informative videos by Lisa B. Boardwine on Youtube. As I’ve used Zest It products before I thought I’d try their version of cold wax. Cold wax is mixed with oil paint  and as I normally paint with acrylics the feel of oils is quite different. It’s a vast subject and my first results are painful to say the least – so I’m allowing myself time to play and see what happens.  These images are the results so far, some pieces are on mounting card and the two blue abstract ones are on MDF board – coated with three layers of Gesso first. For the sake of health and safety it’s important to wear a protective face mask, gloves and work in a well ventilated studio with the doors and windows open.

Tracey Ross, art workshops, mixed media, cold wax
Trying out ‘Zest It’ cold wax materials

First attempts at using cold wax and oils on board 15x15cm
First attempts at using cold wax and oils on board 15x15cm

Framing – new styles

This month I’m trying out some new framing ideas – the one below is called a St Ives/Nicholson frame by Ashcraft framing. Ashcraft Frames are an online framers and this is the first time I’ve tried using an online company. The only problem with using an online framer is that all the frames need to be assembled, taped on the back and strung by you! so you’ll need to feel confident enough to do this before ordering any frames.  To finish off the frames why not have some sticky labels designed to add any extra information about your painting and to promote your website, wish I’d designed some ages ago…

Liking this new look
Liking this new style of framing
Sticky labels for attaching to the back of each painting

Sketching update…

Loving taking time out of the studio to sketch the views at Wells-next-to-Sea. I use Seawhites of Brighton sketchbooks as they are sturdy and the pages seem strong enough to take whatever materials I like to put on them or scrap off! I’ll be demonstrating how to use a sketchbook at my one day art workshops coming up soon. Due to lots of interest I’m holding an extra workshop on Saturday 29th June  – sign up here

Tracey Ross, sketchbook art workshops
Sketching – using paint and crayons to add expressive marks

Studio Lighting –

Studio lighting is a big topic and one I spent ages researching and asking advice on. Finally I choose a set of studio lights by RALENO. I found them on Amazon, the reviews were good and the quality of the stands and lights seemed good enough for my first set. After seeking the help from a photographer friend I realised my old Nikon Coolpix camera was quite capable of taking some decent images for printing cards and giclee prints.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post –

More creating news coming soon….






March 19

Nearly finished

As February ends with temperatures higher than average  March blows in with storms, high winds and plummeting temperatures.

Too much plastic
Jackson’s art suppliers –  nearly everything is wrapped in too much plastic , however, I ‘ll recycle everything  for future wrapping.

However, the need to create work goes on and this month I’ve treated myself to some new art materials from Jackson’s Art, who are an online art supplier. Buying art materials is an expensive business and I get over excited by the thrill of seeing the array of delicious new colours and stuff on offer. For the first time I’m trying out using Cold Wax medium. Cold wax contains beeswax mixed with Linseed stand oil and Gum. It is used cold straight from the tub and is not to be heated. More on these experiments later…

£550 Mixed media on board. 45 x 45cm. Framed
‘Raw  Ocean’  a  new piece for sale 45x45cm  £550. Below a great little reminder to help to leave things alone and not to over work them.

New work  in progress inspired by my sketchbooks, acrylic on board using texture gel
My sketchbooks are a source of endless inspiration all year round!

Over the last few weeks I can see an exciting change in some of my recent paintings.  I’m abstracting the horizon, seeking the thin places between heaven and earth. Most of the new work will be heading to galleries and my Open Studios event this year – where I shall be opening my space for three weekends:   25/26/27 May 1/2/8/9  June. Opening 10am till 5pm. All welcome.

Thank you for visiting my website –

More ideas to follow …….


February 2019


Mood boards

My February mood board came about from de-cluttering my studio and finding lots of hidden photos, odd prints and drawings that I just couldn’t throw away. I really do feel that it’s a mistake to chuck out all of this inspiring stuff – hence the idea came to turn one corner of my studio into an inspirations board.

This month has been about learning new techniques and I’ve enjoyed using what’s known as a Gelli Plate. A Gelli Plate is made out of clear gel – they are easy to clean and ideal for creating monoprints. A monoprint is a single ‘one off’ print. Best suited for use with acrylics paints there are endless possibles and the outcome is quite a surprise! This month I’ve been experimenting with a different colour palette of muted grays and Prussian blue. I tried various different types of paper, such as banana paper and tissue paper with pleasing results.

Gelli Plate

Having produced lots of prints the next thing was to try using them in a collection of semi-abstract ideas on paper. This is a brilliant way to learn without the pressure of creating a ‘finished’ painting. Play time should be encouraged and something I try to build into my art practice every so often.

These mini abstract landscapes are the results from tearing bits of printed paper and scraping through with the end of a paint brush. 

Being inspired by the graphic black and white tones on the mood board I explored the Gelli Prints further by making several abstract pieces on paper using the torn magazines, white acrylic paint and added accents of rust orange and teal blue to give a pop of colour. The results were urban edge and are quite different for me and I’ve even surprised myself with the results.

Excited by this progress I then went on to create a more contemporary piece using bits of torn tissue paper and collaging them into the painting. I’ll be demonstrating several of these techniques on my Art Workshops this year.

Above ‘Second Nature’ 45x45cm

More monthly inspirations to follow…

January 2019

It’s January and I’ve been thinking over the Christmas break just what do I want from this year? Here are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself : 1, How to keep my faith and prayer life fresh? 2, How to keep my studio in order? 3, Where to exhibit and find new opportunities? 4, Mentoring – who and how do I find them? These are things I aim to address during this year…. I don’t ‘blog’ as such but this year I aim to keep more of a written journal/diary about what it is I love doing and to be more ‘open’ to sharing these things with you.

For my workshops please see under workshops

Looking around my studio I can see it’s holding far too much stuff so I’m using the inspirational Marie Kondo method of tidying up and having a good declutter. Starting with my brushes! as you can see many have been well used and seen better days. This insightful method is all about sparking JOY and as my work is about creating uplifting and joyful artworks then I aim to have this feeling all around me as I continue painting. Well that’s definitely one goal to master this year.

In need of buying more of these Inktense blocks by Derwent

Art tools – keep trying new things

Tools I love to use for creating new marks
Colours of Norfolk – much of my art is about Creation and capturing the beauty of the North Norfolk coastline

Artworks in Progress

New works in progress – creating lots of marks and textures in the
under painting

Sanding back paintings that are not really working all helps to create something new!

Tip – if you are not sure about where a piece of artwork is going then try sanding it back a little with sandpaper

Try mixing Triadic colours – very interesting and you can learn so much from this exercise

Tip! Try mixing your own colours from the three primaries: Cadmium Red, Prussian Blue, Cadmium Yellow . Try adding a bit of white to half of the mixed colour to lighten – then in the other half add a touch of Paynes Grey to darken. Remember to mix enough of the original mixed colour to do this. Keep a note of the colours used in your sketchbook for future reference.
New work in progress – here I’m using oil paints to mix the light soft Norfolk colours as seen along the coast.
Oil paints
View from the studio

Sketching at Holkham beach North Norfolk

Beautiful Holkham beach – always a great source for inspiration – just caught this slip of light on the horizon before the heavens opened
Fast and expressive sketch on Holkham beach – I forgot to bring my clips so luckily I found an elastic band in my sketching bag to hold down one page of the sketchbook!

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