April 2022

Thrilled to have launched my Paint the Light online art course. I have lots of great students and everyone is busy sketching. This week, ‘Week 2’ has been about colour mixing and making various cool and warm colours. On Week 3 we are going to be exploring brushes, knives, using mixed media, and I demonstrate how to take a sketch into a painting. So much great learning has been done and I’ve had such positive feedback about it. If you are interested in finding out more please join my mailing list so I can let you know when I will be running it again.

Yes, let me know!

I’m taking part in a new group exhibition at Salthouse Church 18th -23rd April.


March 2022

Spring is on the way. The birds are signing all around the studio as I prepare to launch my first online art course – Paint the Light.


Paint the Light came about when the requests for a convenient online course became too loud and too frequent to ignore!  I’d love you to join me on this four week journey. I’m launching the course on Tuesday 15th March. It starts on Monday 28th March. If you liked to view the course Click Here.
I would like to recommend Ella Hoyos from Flurry Marketing. Ella worked tirelessly to write the launch copy email sequence for my new course. If you’d like help with any copy writing then Ella is the one to help: ella@flurrymarketing.com

With the shocking news about the war in Ukraine I put this painting up for sale to support a charity called Voices of Children in Ukraine. 100% of the proceeds was given.

Tracey Ross artist

The buyer of the painting kindly sent me this photograph, showing it beautifully displayed in their home.

They emailed me to say:

“We are very happy to have bought your painting. Not only do we love it but the sentiment behind it. I don’t know why but the skyline seemed to capture for me the sense of sorrow and helplessness but the landscape a feeling of hope. Anyway we are so pleased that the money will be going to help with that hope!
Thank you for putting your time and energy into it. It will always carry more meaning because of Ukraine.” 🇺🇦

I am deeply grateful to be able to do something to help in some small way.


February 22

At the beginning of the year I asked myself, why is it that I hardly ever use Ultramarine blue? So I set myself the task of finding out more about it and what colour mixes I can create and which brands of acrylics I enjoyed using the most.

According to Wikipedia ‘Ultramarine was the finest and most expensive blue used by Renaissance painters. It was often used for the robes of the Virgin Mary, and symbolized holiness and humility’.

To start with I collected all of the Ultramarine Blue acrylic paint brands I could find. See the image above:
Here they are in order from left to right:
1.Winsor & Newton Galeria Student quality
2. Abstract 314 by Sennelier
3. Winsor & Newton Professional
4. Seawhite  340 Student quality
5.Liquitex Professional Heavy Body (Red shade)
Although I do not teach on ‘colour theory’ – I do enjoy ‘colour mixing’ to discover different colour palettes I love to use in my paintings.
Ultramarine Blue is a warm blue containing traces of red. It sits towards Violet on the color wheel. To start with I mixed a 50:50 ratio of each blue with a System 3 ‘Buff Titanium’ using a palette knife. This was to see how well each brand mixed and changed the tonal value. The sketchbook is  a medium (195mm x 195mm) by Seawhites.  It’s a chunky, square sketchbook and has 188 pages of sturdy, 140gsm cartridge paper. 
Mixing a 50:50 ratio of Ultramarine Blue with Buff Titanium
1st mix a 50:50 ratio of Ultramarine Blue with Buff Titanium
Next add a 50:50 ratio of White Titanium into the 1st mix

Next add a 50:50 ratio of White Titanium into the 1st mix to create a tint – (Tints are created when you add white to any hue on the color wheel. This will lighten it making it less intense).

Finally, I add a touch of the System 3 Payne’s Grey to the first mix to darken it and enjoyed using the colours to create a semi-abstract seascape in my sketchbook.

In conclusion the brand of colour I really enjoyed using the most were the:

Abstract 314 by Sennelier

Winsor & Newton Professional

Liquitex Professional Heavy Body (Red shade)

This was due to their mixing abilities and pigments. The student brands blended well and are well worth considering as a beginner and first starting out with acrylic paints.

More monthly inspirations to follow…

January 2022

Happy New Year!

Today is my eldest sons birthday and also my late grandmother’s birthday so it’s a lovely way to remember her. My grandmother was very encouraging with how she spoke about my art and definitely sowed the seeds of art and faith into my life, for which I am truly thankful.
I’ve been looking at the fallow fields around my studio and thinking how the seasons are necessary for rest, development and growth.  I’ve started the New Year with some intentions and one of them is to share a bit more of what I enjoy with you. One of the latest things I enjoy is listening to the free Biblical app on my phone called Lectio 365. I like to do this first thing in the morning as it helps to ground my thoughts for the day.  You can find out more HERE.

Meanwhile, back in the studio I’ve been working on videoing week 1 of my new online art course called ‘Paint the Light – experimental Seascapes’. I have to say this is probably one of the most challenging things I’ve done, especially with learning all of the technical side of hosting a course and marketing it. I’d like to thank all the students who have attended my workshops and any fellow artists I have met on social media – you are a great encouragement to me!

Tracey Ross sketching on the North Norfolk coast for an online art course
Here I am filming for week 1 of my new online art course!

And another thing… I’m on a mission to fall in love with Ultramarine Blue! I have to admit that it’s not my favourite blue, so I’m trying different brands to test their mixing ability and quality. I do love colour mixing and finding out how to create new colourways for my paintings. A colourway is a range of combinations of colours. I will post my finding at the end of month.

More inspirations to follow soon…

December 21

Today I’m writing my monthly inspirations on the shortest day of the year, the 21st of December – or the winter solstice. This is a little selfie I took on Holkham beach earlier in December with the warm sunlight bursting forth. It was so beautiful to be on the beach again. I went there looking for some inspiration for my online art course with my lovely husband Mr. Ross. He took some video of me sketching and lots of photographs – some of which I may use for the course.

I had a great time at Art Fair East and sold 5 paintings and enjoyed meeting lots of new and interesting people. Thank you to anyone who came to visit.

Here is a link to an interview I enjoyed with the Revd Canon Susanna Gunner for the Norwich Diocesan House Advent calendar website. It is all about my artistic journey with art and faith. I hope you enjoy reading it and you can also listen to it. It’s very short! Click here to view.

So, that’s a wrap for this year and I’m very thankful to each and everyone of you for your support and encouragement online and off – art really is a leap of faith!

Wishing you a peace filled Merry Christmas and a Happy Creative New Year.

God Bless

Tracey x


November 2021

Art Fair East


Well it’s all happening as we near the end of the year! I’m delighted to be taking part in my first ever art fair in Norwich. The frames are ordered and the paintings are nearly done. Just need to order some A5 flyers and plan my display area. I’m really looking forward to welcoming you. If you’d like a free ticket to the event and most importantly to the Private View just email me and I can send you an e-voucher which you’ll just need to show at the door.

It’s being held at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Norwich, 3rd – 5th December. The Private View is on Thursday 2nd December, 6-9pm. If you’d like to enjoy an evening viewing lots of interesting art then let me know and I will email you a FREE ticket to the PV and to the event. Otherwise the tickets are £3.50 or £3 concessions, under 16’s free.
Yes, I’d like a free ticket!

Opening hours:
Friday 3rd December     10.30am to 5.30pm
Saturday 4th December 10.30am to 5.30pm
Sunday 5th December   10.30 to 5pm

For more information visit www.artfaireast.com

Student's work in progress on the workshop. Tracey Ross art tutor
Student’s work in progress on the workshop.

‘From Sketch to Painting’ art workshops in Norfolk.

New dates for 2022 are here! Just email if you’d like a booking form to join me for a day of exploring mixed media. To find out more about the day click here.

Sat 7th May – few spaces
Sat 14th May – spaces
Sat 2nd July – spaces
Sat 3rd Sept – few spaces

October 2021

Welcome to October

Thank you to everyone who came to visit during Norfolk Open Studios. I’m absolutely delighted that I sold 12 paintings during the event, despite the lower number of visitors and the fuel situation! It really means a lot to have your support.

Lisa Timmerman collecting her new painting during Norfolk Open Studios
Artist Lisa Timmerman collecting her new painting during Norfolk Open Studios.

It’s been a month of glorious sunsets – this recent photograph was taken at Burnham Overy Staithe on the North Norfolk coast. The beauty of Creation never fails to captivate and inspire me. I’m sure there will be some sunset inspired paintings coming soon!

photograph Copyright Tracey Ross
Copyright Tracey Ross

I’m just about to announce the new dates for my in person summer workshops at Burnham Overy Staithe, so if you’d like to join me then it’s best to email me and I will email you a booking form. Just click here to let me know. Hurry the spaces are filling up fast!

‘From Sketch to Painting’ art workshops in Norfolk.

New dates for 2022 are here!

Sat 7th May – few spaces
Sat 14th May – spaces
Sat 2nd July – spaces
Sat 3rd Sept – few spaces

Have you seen my new commissions page that I’ve just added to my website? There’s a bit more to add to it but you can take a quick look at it here.

Short and sweet this month as I’m busy preparing for my first ever Art Fair – more about this coming shortly…



September 2021

Tracey Ross Artist - new paintings
Tracey Ross new paintings
So looking forward to welcoming you to my Open Studio event. I’ll be opening my studio as part of Norfolk Open Studios on the following days: 1/2/3/4 & 8/9/10 October. Time: 10am – 5pm.
Tracey Ross Artist - new paintings
New collection of small painting especially for Norfolk Open Studios. They will be available to buy from my studio or online.
1/2/3/4 & 8/9/10 October. Time: 10am – 5pm.
This delightful still life is by Nicholas Elliott from Fakenham – we have made an art trail especially for Norfolk Open Studios. Nick is opening: Sept 25/26/27 & 1/2/3/4/8/9/10 October. Time: 10am – 5pm

So we’re enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer – the sunshine is most welcome as we venture into the autumnal hues.

This month has been busy getting ready for Norfolk Open Studios. At long last I’ve had the luxury of installing an under flooring heating system so my feet can now stay warm during the winter! A big thank you to Mr Ross for his hard work and to Norfolk Alarms Limited for laying the heat mat and wiring everything up. I’m thrilled as it’s a dream come true! My studio feels complete at last! It was a big upheaval getting everything out and now it’s tidying and sorting all the stuff that artists seem to collect.

Big studio tidy up!

Thank you to any new subscribers who have signed up to my mailing list/newsletter I hope you enjoyed the fresh new look.

August 2021

What are you up to this month? The weather isn’t that sunny or hot and it’s a grey, drizzly kind of day as I’m writing this month’s inspirations.

Collecting my latest paintings from Great Walsingham gallery and framers for a group show at Sea Pictures Gallery in Clare, Suffolk

Lovely visit from Sarah at Sea Pictures Gallery who came to collect four new paintings for their next show called ‘Sea Nature’ which opens on 9th September. To find out more visit the website: https://www.seapicturesgallery.com/

For those who came to visit me during North Norfolk Studios in the Spring will know that I love gardening.. here is how it’s looking this August. I adore ‘Agapanthus’ and Mr Ross loves these vibrant ‘Black eyed Susie’s’ What a zing they’re given to everyone who visits.


July 2021

New beginnings!

Sometimes I pray a simple prayer over the canvas – it helps me to connect with what my heart wants to paint.

This month is all about new beginnings and is something I want to encourage any artist to try this month.

I started this large piece as a reaction to the first lockdown in March 2020. I wanted to explore new colours and brush marks. It was all very experimental and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or wanted to keep it – (some of you may have seen it during my solo exhibition at Salthouse church last August). After some deep thinking I decided to work back over it and to create something that felt more like ‘me’!

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what more ‘me’ feels like, but having created hundred’s of artworks over the years I know it’s when I just focus on the process of making art rather than the final results!

Lots to do, but I’m feeling more connected with how the paint is working and it feels more like ‘me’ !

Preparing to video my online art class!

Yes – it’s finally happening. This month I’ve started filming my first ever online art course. It’s challenging, but I’m determined to see this through. If you’re at all interested in progressing your art and learning from me then sign up to my mailing list for a special introductory offer.

Click here to join me.

Tracey Ross Online art course,

July Art Workshop at Burnham Overy Staithe, North Norfolk.

Whilst the forecast was set for thunder storms – the early morning rain stopped just in time! Allowing us to get outside to sketch the atmospheric soft light – well done everyone who came.

Sketching the light and incoming tide
First time using acrylics for this student. I love the way she has captured the mood and soft atmosphere of the day.

Selected for the Holt Art Prize 2021


Delighted that ‘Respond’ has been selected for the Holt Art Prize 21. The exhibition opens 24th – 31st July. At the Saint Andrew’s Church Meeting Room in Holt, Norfolk.

£625 Mixed media on board. 46 x 46cm. Framed
Sold at the Private View.