‘Paint the Light’ online art course

Enrollment has now closed for this year but if you would like to read more about it. CLICK HERE

Hey there! I’m Tracey and I’m so happy you’re here.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith with your art? 

This course is all about experimenting – enjoying the process. I believe we are all designed to be creative and have the ability within us to create. I hope it will inspire you to be open to the creative journey and ready to discover your own visual voice.

Over the past ten years I have developed a range of techniques that will help you to discover fresh ways of working.  

I invite you to join me online for this journey of art exploration.  

Paint the Light includes four weeks of learning. The aim of the course is to come with an open mind, to bring your energy and be ready to learn.  Paint the Light is about taking the leap of faith and diving into the process of making art. Art that only you can create. 

Week 1 – Is about ‘Why do I sketch’. The aim for week one is to get outside and practice using a sketchbook. The main aim is to overcome any challenges and discover what you can do!

Week 2 – Is about using acrylic paints and how to gain confidence using a limited palette. Mixing colours is a basic skill to learn and vital for self-expression.

Week 3 – The aim for week 3 is to understand what is mixed media and how to best apply it. Discover new techniques. I want students to have plenty of ‘a-ha’ moments this week!

Week 4 – The aim for this final week is to bring it all together. It’s about taking that leap of faith, letting go of self-doubt and diving in. Armed with the toolkit of techniques learnt during the previous weeks, it’s time to develop your skills your way and to finally paint that collection.

© Tracey Ross Artist art courses in Norfolk
Paint the Light came about when the requests for a convenient online course became too loud and too frequent to ignore!  
Students from my first course have this to say…
“I think it was a good course and you were very generous in the information you provided on your process. You are a really good teacher - you were able to break down your process to small bites, easy to digest and fun to do along with you.” Stella A.

“This course has really developed my semi abstract seascape art. The Colour mixing module was a real epiphany for me. My sketching skills have significantly improved as have my skies. I have more confidence to experiment and feel my own style is starting to develop. Tracey is an excellent and knowledgeable teacher and always responded to emails very promptly. I would recommend her course.”  Clare W.