December 2022

December – how can that suddenly be the end of the year! This is a good time to look back and reflect on how the year has been for your art business. I am part of a lovely community of artists called the Connected Artist Club which is run by Alice Sheridan. You can look her up on Instagram @alicesheridanstudio and this is something that Alice shares in her membership. But you can do this yourself by looking back through your diary and social media posts such as Instagram or even your photos on your mobile and write down what happened each month in a notebook. I bet you have achieved far more than you thought you had!

This year I had the opportunity to work on several commissions. In the spring Birketts approached me to create a collection of seascape paintings for their newly refurbished offices in Norwich. Below is a photograph of me delivering one of the paintings to the Brancaster Boardroom.


Paintings at Birketts office in Norwich
Just delivered to Birketts office in Norwich

‘Paint the Light’

After delivering my first online course this spring I will be reviewing the material and feedback from the artists who joined me. It was a brilliant and nerve-wracking time, especially getting my head around all of the technical side of how to make the videos and which platform to host it on. If learning how to use mixed media to create semi – abstract seascapes is something that you’re longing to learn then why not add your name to my mailing list – to find out when I’ll be launching it again in 2023. Click here to add  your name.

Paint the Light – my new online course will be back in 2023. To find out about it the best thing is to sign up to my mailing list.
©Tracey Ross Artist online art course
Come see how I created this painting – why not join me and enjoy painting the light on my online course.

Wishing you the Peace and Joy of the Festive Season and a Happy and Creative New Year.

See you on the other side…


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