February 2020

Last year I took a really interesting course called the Creative Visionary Project or CVP for short. It’s a 12 week online art course by American artist Nicholas Wilton. Enrollment for The Creative Visionary Program is now open — and there are only a few days left to enroll. Enrollment closes on Thursday 27th February at 7.59am GMT. UK time.

As a past student, I wanted to share a little more about how the program has impacted me personally… Before CVP, I was happy with my art but felt ready to take my art practice further. It was time to delve deeper in to the possibilities and learn more. One of my key statements for last year was BOLDNESS to be braver and take more risks. Before CVP I sometimes got stuck in the middle stages of a painting CVP helped me to work through the struggles of this stage with more confidence and boldness to break through the barriers which held me back.

One of the challenging modules for me was working in black and white, this exercise really helped me to see the tonal values. Then using a limited palette of 3 colours plus black and white.

As a result I really let go and created work that I never would have done before and to be honest without taking CVP I probably wouldn’t have even bothered trying something so different. I entered one of them into the Holt Art Prize and it was selected to be shown! Talk about taking risks. ‘Rocky Orange’ acrylic on board

‘Rocky Orange’ 46x46cm


colour mixing.jpg

In short, The Creative Visionary Program is a place where I was given the tools I needed to understand colour mixing and creating colour harmonies.

Enrollment is open for just a few days and ends on early Thursday morning 27th February at 7.59am GMT although I’d probably do it earlier!

If you have any questions just let me know here.