April 2019

Tracey Ross artist- seascape painter, workshops

Welcoming Spring light in the studio and brighter days…

I’m holding an extra workshop on Saturday 29th June  – sign up here!


Trial and error

In the studio this month I’m trying out cold wax medium as it’s textural and interesting to use.  I’m hoping to go on a course at some point to learn more about the process but for now I thought I’d try it and see what effects I could create and learn from making lots of mistakes. Before starting this process I first read a good blog by Nicki Heenan  http://nickiheenan.com/ and recently found some informative videos by Lisa B. Boardwine on Youtube. As I’ve used Zest It products before I thought I’d try their version of cold wax. Cold wax is mixed with oil paint  and as I normally paint with acrylics the feel of oils is quite different. It’s a vast subject and my first results are painful to say the least – so I’m allowing myself time to play and see what happens.  These images are the results so far, some pieces are on mounting card and the two blue abstract ones are on MDF board – coated with three layers of Gesso first. For the sake of health and safety it’s important to wear a protective face mask, gloves and work in a well ventilated studio with the doors and windows open.

Tracey Ross, art workshops, mixed media, cold wax
Trying out ‘Zest It’ cold wax materials

First attempts at using cold wax and oils on board 15x15cm
First attempts at using cold wax and oils on board 15x15cm

Framing – new styles

This month I’m trying out some new framing ideas – the one below is called a St Ives/Nicholson frame by Ashcraft framing. Ashcraft Frames are an online framers and this is the first time I’ve tried using an online company. The only problem with using an online framer is that all the frames need to be assembled, taped on the back and strung by you! so you’ll need to feel confident enough to do this before ordering any frames.  To finish off the frames why not have some sticky labels designed to add any extra information about your painting and to promote your website, wish I’d designed some ages ago…


Liking this new look
Liking this new style of framing
Sticky labels for attaching to the back of each painting

Sketching update…

Loving taking time out of the studio to sketch the views at Wells-next-to-Sea. I use Seawhites of Brighton sketchbooks as they are sturdy and the pages seem strong enough to take whatever materials I like to put on them or scrap off! I’ll be demonstrating how to use a sketchbook at my one day art workshops coming up soon. Due to lots of interest I’m holding an extra workshop on Saturday 29th June  – sign up here


Tracey Ross, sketchbook art workshops
Sketching – using paint and crayons to add expressive marks

Studio Lighting –

Studio lighting is a big topic and one I spent ages researching and asking advice on. Finally I choose a set of studio lights by RALENO. I found them on Amazon, the reviews were good and the quality of the stands and lights seemed good enough for my first set. After seeking the help from a photographer friend I realised my old Nikon Coolpix camera was quite capable of taking some decent images for printing cards and giclee prints.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post –

More creating news coming soon….