March 19

Nearly finished

As February ends with temperatures higher than average  March blows in with storms, high winds and plummeting temperatures.

Too much plastic
Jackson’s art suppliers –  nearly everything is wrapped in too much plastic , however, I ‘ll recycle everything  for future wrapping.

However, the need to create work goes on and this month I’ve treated myself to some new art materials from Jackson’s Art, who are an online art supplier. Buying art materials is an expensive business and I get over excited by the thrill of seeing the array of delicious new colours and stuff on offer. For the first time I’m trying out using Cold Wax medium. Cold wax contains beeswax mixed with Linseed stand oil and Gum. It is used cold straight from the tub and is not to be heated. More on these experiments later…

£550 Mixed media on board. 45 x 45cm. Framed
‘Raw  Ocean’  a  new piece for sale 45x45cm  £550. Below a great little reminder to help to leave things alone and not to over work them.

New work  in progress inspired by my sketchbooks, acrylic on board using texture gel
My sketchbooks are a source of endless inspiration all year round!

Over the last few weeks I can see an exciting change in some of my recent paintings.  I’m abstracting the horizon, seeking the thin places between heaven and earth. Most of the new work will be heading to galleries and my Open Studios event this year – where I shall be opening my space for three weekends:   25/26/27 May 1/2/8/9  June. Opening 10am till 5pm. All welcome.

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More ideas to follow …….