March 2018

It’s March and a dramatic weather front called the ‘Beast from the East’ brought deep snow and freezing cold winds. Trying to keep the studio warm enough to work in was challenging as even my paint water froze! Despite the cold there were work deadlines looming to complete four large scale paintings 104 x 104 cm for a new gallery called the Corte Real Gallery in the Algarve, Portugal. As you can see from the photographs most of my inspiration for this month has come from sketching at Holkham beach, well known for its vast skies and sandy beach.  I spent a wonderful morning sketching the horizon watching the clouds drifting by and the tide flowing in. These sketches were used  as a reference to create two of the artworks which are wrapped and ready for shipping out to Portugal.



It’s been a very enjoyable journey but also frustrating at times when things just don’t seem to flow and work up how I want them! but I guess that’s part of being an artist….

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